Google Meet for free for everyone

Google Meet for free for everyone
Google has announced that it is offering Google Meet, a video meeting tool for G Suite customers, for free. Gradually everyone will get this service from this week. This information has been informed in a report of Forbes.

The free meeting software can be used by up to 100 people and can be used as long as needed. However, the time will be fixed up to one hour after September.

The Google Meet tool has a cross-add feature that makes it easy to create and join meetings. It will support Google Calendar, Gmail Web, Android and iOS apps.

Of course, to use competitor zoom software where only one link is required, you must have a Google account to use Google Meet.

According to Google, various companies where such tools are used as a group also have options. Although G Suite is not a customer, G Suite has announced a service called Essential for them. It has advanced features like dialing in Google Meet phone number, large size meeting, recording. Until September, G Suite Essentials and all its features are free to use.

In addition to the increase in video calls in the Covid-19 situation, Google is giving this facility to compete with Zoom. Google's initiative is expected to make a big difference in the video conferencing market.

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