Is there a coronavirus app on your mobile?

Cyber ​​security experts say cyber-malicious apps have released a number of malicious apps called the "Coronavirus App" online. So be careful when downloading your smartphone coronavirus-related app. Israel-based cyber security services company Check Point has identified several harmful programs.
Is there a coronavirus app on your mobile?
Experts at Check Point have warned that these harmful programs are intended primarily to take control of the Android phone without disguising the coronavirus app.

Cyber ​​security experts say many are worried about the coronavirus. They are looking for information on this online. Various apps are said to provide this information. Once you install these malicious programs on your smartphone, cyber-rogue will be able to control the phone from a distance. In addition to controlling the user's phone calls, sms, calendars, files, contacts, microphones, cameras, they can work on your smartphone without your knowledge.

No such harmful app can now be found in the Google Play Store. So downloading without confirming the source of an app will not be okay. Now that Google has made it difficult to place harmful apps in the Play Store, cyber-malicious apps are placing apps on various coronavirus-related domains. They try to download these apps to spread panic among the people.

A checkpoint statement states that MetaSplit, a free trial framework, is used to create harmful apps related to coronavirus so that hacking is easy. Anyone using a common computer using this framework can create a harmful app within 5 minutes.

Checkpoint experts have already collected samples of three apps. These are the kind of app called 'coronavirus dot apk'. However, many people mistakenly think of the app on coronavirus can download it. Once it's installed on the Android phone, its icon disappears. As a result, it can be difficult to erase from a smartphone. It is frequently associated with malware-coded C&C servers.

According to the check point data, in the past few weeks, there have been 6,900 domain registrations related to coronavirus. Of these domains, 3 are directly harmful, and 2 thousand 3 are suspicious. Since January this year, the registration of coronavirus-related domains has exceeded 3,000.

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