Walton manufactures face shields and safe glasses

Walton, the founder of the local technology maker, has started making face shields and safe glasses in the country to combat coronavirus. Initially, the equipment will be provided free of cost to health workers, the company said in a statement.
Walton manufactures face shields and safe glasses
Walton authorities said they were initially producing 1,000 safe glasses and 1,500 face shields daily. But on demand, Walton has three times the production capacity. Their equipment has been approved by the Department of Health. These tools are being manufactured by mold and design in their own factory within a short time for the country's urgent need.

Walton officially handed over the Face Shield and Safety Glasses to the Department of Health (DGHS) for distribution among physicians on Saturday. Sania Tahmina, Director of the Department of Health (Disease Control), Program Manager (Non-Communicable Disease Control) Rizwanul Karim, Deputy Program Manager Mohammad Marufur Rahman, Face Shield of Walton and co-ordinator of safety glasses production project were present.

Golam Murshid, executive director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd., said that Walton, which manufactured mold shields and safe glasses, made molds in such a short time. According to government directives, Walton's engineers are working day and night, even though there are office vacations with factories. Faced with disaster, although initially produced, face shields and safety glasses are under development. Glasses of antifog technology will be made soon. Besides, work is underway to produce ventilators, PAPR (Power Air Purifier Respirator), UV disinfectant, respiratory mask, etc.

Golam Murshid said ventilator is very important in treating patients with Covid-1. The Walton factory is working on the design of Medtronic, a world-renowned medical device manufacturer for ventilator manufacturing. The information technology department of the government is giving overall direction.

Walton's executive director Uday Hakim said garment items such as protective suits, masks, gloves, shoe covers, headcaps, etc. were already being made in the country. Walton started making products such as Face Shield and Safe Glasses for the first time. Understanding the situation, it will be possible to export the equipment in addition to meeting the needs of the country.

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